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Caroline Dituri, a senior broker at Burns & Wilcox in Fresno, Calif., knows how to make competition work to her client’s advantage. Nothing illustrates that better than what Dituri did for a new Burns & Wilcox account involving a contractor who installs and removes nontoxic plastic liners at California landfills.

Dituri’s team arranged a package containing commercial general liability ($1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate), $2 million in products completed operations protection , contractors pollution liability ($1 million/$2 million), and a $5 million umbrella.

With key contribution s from Burns & Wilcox colleagues such as Gina Jones, Dituri wrested an account from another wholesaler and surplus lines carrier at policy renewal time. What made the difference? “Burns & Wilcox supplies superior underwriting service,” says Dituri.

As a case in point, Dituri notes “we’re giving our client (a large local retail multi-lines agency) several markets to choose from by approaching at least five carriers. Burns & Wilcox’s position in the environmental arena is something the prior wholesaler could not compete with.”

Dituri sees her approach as having real bottom-line benefits for her clients. “If you have competition for the account, and in this case five different surplus lines markets competing for the business, you should end up with better terms and conditions, which I think our client will have here. No matter which carrier is chosen, the account should have broader coverages at a cheaper price than with the incumbent carrier.”

Dituri had help along the way from Burns & Wilcox colleagues. “It was a team effort all the way;’ she says, but “Gina Jones should be recognized for the instrumental role that she played.”

For her part, Jones, a longtime environmental underwriting executive, flew from her suburban Denver office to Fresno, to provide in-person technical underwriting expertise to Dituri.

“Gina helped me obtain multiple bids which she was able to do because of her vast array of company contacts and underwriting knowledge,” Dituri says. “She knows the carriers [and] she knows the coverages. Gina understands the complexities of environmental underwriting, and she used that knowledge to arrange policy content that satisfies the needs of the insured.”

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