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Caribbean Property

The Caribbean sees an average of 10 Hurricanes and 15 tropical storms per year

The beautiful Caribbean offers spectacular views and a warm environment. Owning a home in the Caribbean is a dream for many, and more people are investing in these properties. With this dream comes significant risks. Homes located close to water, especially in hurricane zones, are highly susceptible to damage from wind, water and even earthquakes. Make sure to protect your client’s home from costly expenses associated with property damage.

Caribbean Homes Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides access to coverage that limits the exposure to the financial strain associated with damage to Caribbean homes.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Coverage for high-value homeowners and condominiums
  • Coverage for hurricane, windstorm, flood and earthquake damage
  • Coverage in areas from the Bahamas to Trinidad (excluding the Dominican Republic and Jamaica)
  • Up To $20M Total Insurance Value available
  • Excess limits available

Submission Requirements

  • Application
  • Photos of home
  • 5 year loss history
  • Wind mitigation features

Applications for this product may vary. Please click below to find the office nearest to you for assistance.

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