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Comprehensive Personal Liability

Generally, a comprehensive homeowners policy includes coverage for the home, content and liability exposures. However, there are times when a homeowner’s liability exposures become too great compared to the standard market appetite. This may occur due to the type of property owned, if the homeowner has incurred losses previously, or if other exposures make it difficult to secure liability coverage as part of their homeowners package.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL) Coverage; a standalone liability coverage for a variety of risks. Sold in conjunction with a comprehensive homeowners policy, CPL provides coverage for personal liability exposures.

Coverage Details and Features

Coverage Available For

  • One, two, three, and four family dwellings
  • Condominium unit owners – occupied or rented to others
  • Mobile homes
  • Secondary residences
  • Tenants of multiple unit buildings
  • Occupants of apartments


  • Flexible limits to meet all needs
  • Variable medical sub limits available
  • Security of A.M. Best Rated A++ carrier
  • Rapid quotes
  • Nationwide coverage

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Vacant land
  • Trusts, LLC’s, and family partnerships
  • In-home child-care services (For services with up to 12 children)
  • Hobby Farm Exposures
  • Incidental office studio occupancy for commuters, consultants, adjusters, etc.

Ask an Expert

What is the difference between a standalone personal liability and the coverage provided by a standard homeowner’s package?
Both policies are actually very similar. A standalone personal liability policy is designed to provide excess coverage limits, in addition to those included in a standard homeowner’s package. We find that retail brokers and agents often don’t know that standalone personal liability policies are available, but without one, their clients can be left underinsured.
What characteristics of a client profile would trigger the need for a standalone personal liability policy?
There are a variety of reasons a client could need a standalone personal liability policy in addition to his/her homeowner’s package. Often, family members’ unique extracurricular activities are excluded from a homeowner’s policy. If a client handles business activities in his/her home (i.e. daycare or consulting), owns dangerous dog breeds, or has installed recreational toys, such as an unfenced pool with a slide or a backyard zip line, a standalone personal liability policy can provide coverage specific to those risks.
How do umbrellas attach to a standalone personal liability policy?
An umbrella policy attaches to a standalone personal liability policy the same way it attaches to any other insurance policy. Because we often see clients with insufficient limits, adding an umbrella policy is a smart recommendation for clients. With it, retail brokers and agents can provide a highly comprehensive solution, as standalone personal liability limits are high, and umbrella coverage can provide even higher limits.

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