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Your clients do their best to hire employees that are competent, hard-working and trustworthy. All too often, bad apples will make their way through the recruitment process and be in a position to take advantage of the trust their employer has given them. Having criminals in the workplace is a serious danger to the financial health of businesses.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to Crime Coverage that will limit your clients’ exposure to the financial harm caused by employee theft. Coupled with our extremely fast submission response time and low minimum premiums, Burns & Wilcox is one of the leading providers for wholesale insurance.

Coverage Details and Features


  • Employee theft
  • Employee theft of clients’ property
  • Vendor theft
  • Forgery and alteration of checks, credit cards and personal accounts
  • Theft, disappearance and destruction inside and outside the premises
  • Computer and funds transfer fraud
  • Money orders and counterfeit currency
  • Telephone toll fraud
  • Identity fraud expense
  • Virus restoration and licensing violation fines and penalties
  • Expenses incurred to determine the existence and amount of a loss
  • No pollution exclusion


  • Discovery policy
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Automatic coverage for subsidiaries
  • Broad definition of employee includes: Temporary employees, leased employees, former employees acting as consultants, guest students and interns, directors, officers, trustees and officers, volunteers, employees on military, disability, family medical or similar leave, Employees non-cancellable except in cases of theft or dishonesty

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