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Educator’s Legal Liability

Educational institutions, including universities, colleges and school boards, are large organizations responsible for the care of many students. With so many people involved in the educational process, institutions face professional risks on a regular basis that other organizations don’t encounter as often. Educational institution clients need specific policies customized to meet their unique needs. Obtaining Educators Legal Liability Coverage is an important first step in ensuring that educational institutions and professionals are protected from the financial damage of their liabilities.

Burns & Wilcox, can provide access to Educators Legal Liability Coverage for your clients to mitigate financial damage should they be faced with litigation. Coupled with our extremely fast submission response time and low minimum premiums, Burns & Wilcox is one of the leading providers for wholesale insurance.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Broader definition of “damages” to include punitive and exemplary damages (where insurable by law)
  • Front and back pay
  • Employment practices liability extensions to include the Age discrimination in Employment Act and the Equal Pay Act
  • The board of education, including its past, present and future members
  • Past, present and future trustees, directors, or members of the board of regents
  • Employees, student teachers and volunteers acting for or on behalf of, and at the request and under the direction of, the educational institution
  • Educational executives and employees serving with an outside tax exempt entity
  • Educational executives and employees acting as directors or officers of non-profit organizations
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Full Prior Acts
  • Duty to defend policy wording

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