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The FDA reached an $80 million settlement with a company for mishandling hazardous waste

Environmental coverage is a very specialized area of insurance that requires a deep understanding of government regulation and the potential environmental losses that could arise from your clients’ businesses. The Burns & Wilcox Environmental Center of Excellence, accessible through your local Burns & Wilcox office, provides brokers and agents with access to environmental specialists who can identify environmental exposures and deliver insurance solutions to address the specific environmental liabilities your clients may be vulnerable to.

Contractors Pollution Liability

An excavation contractor was recently ordered to pay $150,000 after its employee pierced an oil pipeline resulting in the release of 250,000 liters of crude oil into surrounding areas.

When a contractor’s work creates pollution or disturbs an existing pollution condition, the contractor can be held liable for resulting damages including costly environmental cleanup. Most contractors do not realize that even if they are not working with hazardous chemicals, they still face pollution exposures that are typically not covered by a general liability policy.

Learn more about Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage that can protect your clients from losses caused by hidden or unanticipated pollution conditions.


Oil and Gas

While there have been advancements in new energy sources, the world still relies heavily on oil and gas. With oil and gas supplying 65 percent of the energy for the country, it is critical that energy companies obtain the proper insurance coverage to protect against the risks associated with oil and gas exploration and the operation of heavy equipment. Oil and Gas Insurance can provide coverage for operators,service contractors, investors and more.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading provider in specialty insurance, can provide your clients with access to Oil and Gas Insurance. Providing smart solutions for all of your commercial clients, Burns & Wilcox has the breadth of experience your clients need to protect themselves in such an important industry.

Site Pollution Liability

Burns & Wilcox can provide Site Pollution Liability Coverage that can respond to cleanup costs and third party property damage and bodily injury associated with pollution arising from business operations. Contact us for solutions to manage your clients’ complex pollution risks.


Storage Tanks

There are currently 553,069 active underground storage tanks nationwide storing petroleum and other hazardous substances. These tanks often leak due to corrosion, faulty installation or inadequate maintenance, oftentimes resulting in their contents contaminating surrounding soil and groundwater.

There are 67,056 releases on backlog waiting to be cleaned up by the Environmental Protection Agency. Relying on state funds to clean up a spill can result in out-of-pocket expenses for storage tank owners while they wait for state reimbursement, which can take years. Your clients need coverage to ensure they have readily available funds to assist them in the cleanup of a spill.

Storage Tank Coverage provides access to coverage for first party clean up and third party property damage or bodily injury as well as defense limits in the event your clients are accused of contamination to a third party.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Package general liability, contractors pollution liability & professional liability for environmental contractors and consultants
  • Stand-alone contractors pollution liability (CPL) for non-environmental contractors
  • Professional liability for environmental consultants
  • First-party site pollution liability (with or without General Liability)
  • Transportation pollution liability (stand alone or package basis)
  • Storage tank pollution liability

Optional Coverages

  • Transportation pollution (TPL)
  • Hired/Non-owned auto
  • Exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS)
  • Non-owned locations (NOLS)

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Environmental Contractors
  • Environmental Drilling Services
  • Mold, Lead, or Asbestos Remediation or Abatement Contractors and Consultants
  • Crime scene & Meth Lab Cleanup Contractors
  • Fire/Water Restoration Contractors
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Recycling Facilities/Landfills
  • Bio-Fuel Manufactures
  • Waste Treatment and Storage Facilities


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Environmental Coverage

Environmental Risks Are Everywhere

Ask an Expert

What is the nature of my product? Can it be used or misused in a dangerous way? Does it contain anything toxic? Companies that manufactured lead paint never expected that children would ingest dried chips of their product—but it happened.
Companies that manufactured lead paint never expected that children would ingest dried chips of their product — but it happened.
What services do I perform? Do I work with any products that have toxic potential? Could my work, done properly or improperly, unleash a pollutant? Do I manage property?
The manager of a 30-year-old apartment complex might be unaware that mold has entered and spread through the building on her watch. A worker stacks pallets of laundry detergent too high in a grocery warehouse and overnight it falls to the floor, leaking florescent material onto the warehouse floor and down into a drain that empties into a nearby pond.
What are my contractual obligations?
A contract may require proof of environmental insurance to demonstrate financial responsibility. This is especially common for contractors building or renovating schools and other government buildings.
Who owned this property before I did — and how was it used?
A luxury hotel could rest on an old toxic dump or a former gun factory, with contaminants lurking and ready to contaminate my bottom line.


Plant and soil manufacturer


Emergency waste contractor


Waste water systems company


Trucking operation


Auto dealership


Construction of hospital


Recycling collection and transport


Plastic material supplier


Environmental consultant


General contractor

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