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Homeowners and Dwelling

49% of all reported home fires involve cooking equipment

Thirty-seven percent of homeowners have suffered losses due to water damage. Representing the number one driver of claims for high-value homes, water losses are twice as likely to occur after a previous water loss.

Repeated claims constitute just one of the many reasons homeowners no longer fit standard market eligibility. Clients can also be hard-to-place due to policy cancellation for non-payment, below average insurance scores or multiple mortgages. Whether your clients are under unique circumstances or they have experienced repeated claims, it is important that they still receive proper coverage.

Burns & Wilcox has a broad scope of creative solutions for lower value, admitted value, and high-value homes. Contact Burns & Wilcox for exclusive products including preferred pricing for clients who have demonstrated a responsible lifestyle.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Personal Liability and Umbrella Coverage available
  • Underwriters with in-house authority
  • Personal Cyber Coverage on primary homes
  • Replacement cost for contents
  • Water backup
  • Limited mold endorsements
  • Form 3 Coverage with replacement cost and extended replacement cost


  • Wildfire Defense Program offers protection against losses due to wildfires
    (Only available in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA and WY)

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • High-Value homes
  • Homes with minor maintenance issues
  • Homeowners with financial instability
  • Homes with claims history
  • Homes under construction and renovation
  • Unsupported secondary homes and rental properties
  • Homes located in protection class 9-10
  • Homes in brush, wind and earthquake zones
  • Lower value
  • Personal Articles Floater

Ask an Expert

When should an agent or broker recommend a dwelling fire policy to a client?
Dwelling fire policies are designed for properties that are tenant-occupied, vacant or under construction, including rental and seasonal homes. Since vacant and seasonal properties are not under constant supervision, they are inherently more susceptible to greater losses, like acts of vandalism or broken pipes, and a dwelling fire policy helps supplement the increased risk.
What does dwelling fire insurance cover?
Despite its name, dwelling fire coverage is not limited to fire protection. And unlike homeowners insurance, which is offered as a package, dwelling fire policies are offered a la carte-style, so an agent can help clients customize and tailor coverage to their specific needs. Dwelling fire policies cover losses related to perils like fire, smoke damage, hail, wind and vandalism. We most often receive inquiries on behalf of landlords, owners of property under construction or renovation and seasonal homeowners.
What are some key considerations for an agent selling a dwelling fire policy to a client?
It’s important for agents to check in regularly with clients on the status of their properties to see if circumstances have changed that would call for dwelling fire coverage. For example, if a client moves from Atlanta to Chicago and their former house is still on the market, they would need to insure it through a dwelling fire policy because homeowners insurance may no longer cover the vacant property. Dwelling fire policies also do not include the guaranteed replacement cost clause that is part of many homeowners insurance policies. So, in the event of a total loss, the cost of a new home may not be fully covered.

At Burns & Wilcox our expertise becomes your expertise. Our marketing materials are designed to help you give your clients what they want to hear – yes to almost any hard-to-place-risk.


Secondary home for professional athlete


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Glendora, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Fillmore, CA


Vacant dwelling, DP3 Coverage A, Long Beach, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Big Bear Lake, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Altadena, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Temecula, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Excelsior, MN


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, La Quinta, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Ramona, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Dana Point, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Lake Arrowhead, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Del Mar, CA


Single-family dwelling, HO3 Coverage A, Laguna Beach, CA

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