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Ocean and Commercial Marine

The global commercial ship fleet consists of approximately 79,000 total ships, ranging from ultra large cargo ships down to tugs

Those who build, operate, service and repair marine vessels face many exposures that can cause financial strain. Whether the ship is used for recreational or commercial purposes, all water vessels are vulnerable to exposures that can damage vessels and cargo, and harm crew or passengers. Having the right insurance policy in place will help protect your clients.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to a wide range of coverages to safeguard any vessel, no matter its size or function. Our Marine Center of Excellence has the products and expertise needed to offer a variety of specialized insurance solutions tailored specifically to each of your clients that operate marine vessels.

Coverage Details and Features


  • Marine/Yacht Club Packages
  • Commercial Vessels
  • Marine Contractors
  • Boat Dealers/Broker & Manufacturers
  • Marine Liabilities

Other Program Offerings

  • Docks, piers, wharfs, and floating berths
  • Marine course of construction
  • Ship repair operations
  • Manufacturing, fabrication and wholesale/retail of marine watercraft
  • Tug & barge
  • Passenger vessels
  • Fishing boats
  • Charter & bare – boat vessels
  • Terminal & commercial docks
  • International risks
  • Risks with both USA & Canadian exposures
  • Amphibious vehicles & underwater equipment
  • Marinas

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Marinas
  • Boat dealers
  • Marina artisans
  • Marine contractors
  • Boat or marine product manufacturers
  • Cargo (for shipments by vessel or air)
  • Marine service industry
  • Boats – including standard personal use, corporate use, fishing guides, excursion boats, and more
  • Shipyards
  • Stevedores
  • Wharf and dock owners
  • Marine special events including boat parades, poker runs, and firework barges
  • Waterborne contractor’s equipment
  • Floating restaurants
  • Charters and excursion boats
  • recreational boats


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