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Specialty Classes: Commercial

Burns & Wilcox offers solutions for a variety of commercial specialty classes. See below for examples of coverages we are able to provide.


A farmer’s livelihood depends on their ability to bring quality products to market. Sometimes best efforts aren’t enough and adverse weather events can impact crops and livestock. Drought, excessive rain, hail, flooding and hurricanes can cause significant damage, and leaving farmers with major losses. To protect their business, it is vital for agricultural producers to have the right insurance in-place to cover loss from adverse weather and other events beyond their control.

Tailored for your agricultural producer clients, Agricultural Coverage through Burns & Wilcox mitigates the financial loss resulting from damaged crops due to extreme weather events. Partner with Burns & Wilcox, a leading provider of wholesale insurance, to gain access to experts who can provide intelligent solutions for your agribusiness clients.


General contractors, specialty contractors and subcontractors are usually required by law or contract to have insurance. Each trade has different risks that need to be assessed when choosing the right coverage. Obtaining the necessary insurance specific to your clients’ needs can help protect their building materials and equipment on the job, in the shop and anywhere in between.

Distributors and Wholesalers

All warehouses and the products they contain are susceptible to costly damage from fire, hail, water damage, and natural disasters such as storms and floods.

At times the products being stored can also be considered high-risk, such as heavy equipment, hazardous goods, or items made with flammable materials.

Contact Burns & Wilcox for a Distributors & Wholesalers policy that can cover the building, contents, products liability risks, outdoor signage, business income, equipment breakdown and computer hardware.

Equipment and Servicing Rental

The equipment required to complete construction projects is highly specialized and requires skill to operate. An important first step for those who rent out equipment is to obtain an insurance policy that protects them from the liabilities of loaning equipment. In the event of an accident resulting in the bodily injury of a third-party, the proper coverage can help protect the renter from costly litigation fees.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to Equipment and Servicing Rental Insurance for your clients who loan tools and machinery to protect against the exposures faced when operating a rental company. This coverage also includes property coverage for buildings and equipment.


Apartment buildings are more than just a place for people to live – to their owners they are an investment and a source of income. From apartment fires to visitor injuries, owners can be held liable for costly repairs or medical bills. Having the right insurance policy in place will help protect against the financial strain brought on by unanticipated loss or liability.

Health and Beauty

A nail salon recently paid $300,000 in a settlement after one of its technicians injured a woman while giving her a pedicure, causing an infection that required her to go to the emergency room.

While beauty-focused operations already face inherent exposures, new services are constantly emerging, and salons are adding new treatments to keep pace. However, some services can be risky, such as vampire facials, micro-blading, chemical peels and laser hair removal. Health facilities are also under pressure to make new offerings available, from cryotherapy to CrossFit to goat yoga. Facilities often begin providing new services without notifying their brokers, leaving them exposed to significant losses.

Burns & Wilcox can package Health and Beauty Coverage to ensure your clients have proper protection, whether they offer the latest, trending treatments or traditional services.


A restaurant paid $925,000 in a settlement after overserving a man who later caused an auto accident that severely injured two people. The intoxicated driver’s blood alcohol level was 0.332 percent, more than four times the legal limit.

Along with serving alcohol, countless other variables can affect a restaurant owner’s exposure, including location, ownership experience and amusement devices. With restaurants in the U.S. generating $711 billion in annual revenue, this industry represents a significant opportunity for brokers to help business owners protect themselves from the inherent risks they face.

Contact Burns & Wilcox for a tailored Hospitality policy that can help limit your clients’ exposures with coverage for liquor liability, food contamination, and forcible ejection with options for both liquor and general liability, and property coverage including equipment breakdown and spoilage.

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As manufacturing practices continue to evolve, it is important to obtain insurance coverage to protect against the risks associated with owning and operating a manufacturing business. The proper coverage will protect against potential financial strain resulting from accidents and claims, allowing owners to focus on remaining competitive.

Manufacturers Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides insurance solutions for your clients that manufacture products from metal, plastic, lumber, fiberglass or other materials. We can arrange for a policy that will protect against instances such as property and equipment damage, bodily injury, theft, and products liability in the event of a third party injury.


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Those who own and operate commercial leisure and recreation businesses often work in unique environments, including outdoor spaces and specially designed studios. As a result, they face difference risk exposures compared to standard commercial operations. Claims of negligence, equipment damage or bodily injury can bring about costly litigation, which may result in business disruption. Obtaining the necessary insurance can help mitigate financial loss and help recreation professionals continue to successfully operate their business.



A retailer was recently ordered to pay $1 million after a woman slipped on a wet floor inside the store, causing irreversible nerve damage. Slip-and-fall cases are the most common liability claims against retail operations, representing potentially disastrous losses for merchants. Business owners can also be held liable for slip-and-falls that occur in their parking lot.

In terms of property exposures, the most prevalent risk facing retailers is theft, which can lead to inventory losses and potential business interruption costs. Retail Coverage can help with property claims, including theft, fire and water damage, as well as GL claims such as slip-and-falls. Coverage is available for your clients who sell electronics, jewelry, antiques, clothing, art, recreation vehicles, liquor or other goods.



Whether your client transports products or passengers, it is essential that the right insurance coverage is in place to protect their operations, drivers and ability to serve customers. Obtaining the proper insurance can help your transportation industry clients mitigate the risks of a career on the road. Burns & Wilcox can provide access to a wide range of coverages to safeguard any vehicle – owned or for hire – used to transport passengers or products.

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