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Breachaware Exclusive To Burns & Wilcox

Mitigate The Risk Of A Cyber-attack


BreachAware, in partnership with Burns & Wilcox, is a turnkey web solution and risk mitigation tool that monitors, identifies and alerts companies to suspicious activity and compromised assets, including: usernames, passwords and personally identifiable information.

Each year, millions of records are compromised containing valuable information used to carry out cyber-attacks against employees and organizations alike. This data can include company email addresses and passwords creating an elevated risk of account takeover and unauthorized access-especially where password reuse is prevalent.

Through instant, easy to read and action oriented alerts, your company can initiate a rapid response to eliminate or reduce damage from cyber-attacks such as ransomware, phishing scams, fraud, identity theft, and hacker related activities.


Prevent Account Compromise
Stop Phishing Attacks
Real Time Alerts
Investigate Identity Fraud
Investigate Identity Fraud
Api Integrations

Instant, Easy To Read, Action Oriented Reports