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For those clients who own a business of any size, it is important to obtain the necessary coverage to protect against the wide variety of risks associated with commercial operations. From general to specialized coverage, Burns & Wilcox has unparalleled access to the broadest range of Commercial Insurance Coverage available. 


From items as big as a home to as small as a pair of earrings, personal insurance makes sure that whatever your client invests in, it will always be protected.  We provide Comprehensive Personal Liability programs that protect High-Value Homeowners and Mid-Range Homeowners alike. Whether it is for auto, recreation, private collections, special events or property coverage, you’ll find a policy to cover any personal risk. 


We offer unlimited access to the widest range of liability coverage for businesses, organizations and countless professions. Our quick-response team understands the specific issues your clients face and can provide timely access to intelligent solutions.

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Millions of Honeybees Killed in Delta Shipping Disaster

Millions of Honeybees Killed in Delta Shipping Disaster

Millions of honeybees tragically died on a hot airport tarmac in Atlanta after a series of mistakes that occurred while the bees were being shipped from California to Alaska. According to reports, the 800-pound shipment of bees could not be accommodated on its original Delta Air Lines flight due to an aircraft change that rerouted the bees to Atlanta, where

Ask the Expert Q&A: Cryptocurrency

Ask the Expert Q&A: Cryptocurrency

As more businesses begin investing in cryptocurrency and accept it as a form of payment, a rapidly growing insurance market has emerged to address the myriad of risks associated with the digital currency. To learn more about cryptocurrency-related risks and insurance coverages, Crain’s Content Studio spoke with David Derigiotis, Corporate Senior Vice President, National Professional Liability Practice Leader, Burns &