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5 Ways Directors and Officers Insurance Can Give Tech Entrepreneurs a Strategic Advantage

An organization’s governing board takes on significant responsibilities in the course of its day-to-day operations. Not only do its directors and officers work to develop the company’s business plan and shape the culture of the organization, they make crucial financial decisions and accept legal responsibility for the company. Read more at Insurance Market Source

10 Things to Know About Non-Profit & Social Service Organizations

Utah is the top state for charitable giving, thanks largely to the Mormon tradition of tithing. The typical household claimed charitable contributions totaling 10.6 percent of discretionary income, more than 3 percent ahead of the next most charitable state. —The Chronicle of Philanthropy The top 10 states for giving are: Utah; Mississippi; Alabama; Tennessee; South…

Risk Of Retaliation Lawsuits On The Rise

Marla Pietrowski was just trying to help when she blew the whistle on a co-worker in 2009. Pietrowski told supervisors about the co-worker’s comments. Instead of the person being disciplined, Pietrowski said she was retaliated against and ultimately wrongfully fired. She sued her former employer, the Kintock Group of Philadelphia, for wrongful termination.