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Aaron Leggero

Underwriter, Commercial Insurance

Aaron Leggero is a Commercial Underwriter and Broker in the Chicago office with over 5 years of specialty insurance experience. A graduate from the University of Iowa's Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance, Aaron's educational background has given him the insurance acumen to best help his agency partners from the beginning of his time in the industry.
Aaron and his dedicated team of professionals strive to be the standard for a wholesale brokerage team focusing on all different types of businesses from construction, manufacturing, hospitality, habitational, and all other types of businesses. Aaron has received several awards thus far in his time in the industry including our Rising Star Award given to our most promising rising producer annually among other awards and recognitions by different industry groups and companies. Aaron is designated as a Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS) and is always looking for new ways to grow his insurance acumen. Aaron's dedication to his teams and his own professional growth is what he prides himself on with his strong guidance to agency partners and his ability to help these agency partners insure the hard to insure.

Aaron's Recent Wins See All

$255,000 Telecom Contractor in NY - General Liability and 2M Excess Liability
$235,000 Food Ingredients Manufacturer - General Liability and 10M Excess Liability
$175,000 Pet Food Manufacturing - General Liability and 25M Umbrella
$85,000 Commercial General Contractor - General Liability and 10M Excess Liability
$76,000 Commercial Real Estate Owner in Chicago - General Liability and 25M Excess
$57,000 Street and Highway Contractor in Dallas - GL and 5M Excess Liability
$33,000 Residential Painting Contractor with Losses - GL and Excess Liability
$20,000 Late Close Chicago Bar with Large Losses - General Liability with Liquor

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