Flooding is the most common natural disaster worldwide, with over 40% of all disasters involving flooding. Climate change has also exacerbated the frequency and intensity of flooding, with over 30% of events occurring outside of designated high-frequency flood zones in the past 10 years. Despite its recurring nature and increased severity, flood exposure represents the largest segment of underinsured and uninsured risk within the United States. 

The Burns & Wilcox Flood Practice Group offers a wide array of customized Flood Insurance products across some of the most expansive Private Flood markets in the United States. Our innovative solutions provide Flood coverage for homes and businesses across numerous scenarios and layers. Reinforced by strong carrier partnerships and aligned with cutting-edge modeling technology, Burns & Wilcox can provide increased insights into flood exposures in various risk locations.

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Primary Dwelling in California Excess Flood


Commercial Convention Center Excess Flood in Washington DC


Large Commercial Retailer Primary Flood for 32 buildings across 16 Atlantic states


Rental Dwelling Excess Flood in Florida

Areas Of Specialty

Residential Dwellings
  • Primary & Excess Flood
    • All Occupancies with no surcharge for Occupancy Type
    • Vacant 
    • Course of Construction
    • CBRA/CBRS Flood Zones Eligible
    • Coverage Enhancements for Valuation, Basements, Pools, and Other Structures Available
    • Multi-location Scheduling
    • Direct & Indirect Loss Coverages Available
    • Customizable Attachments
Commercial Buildings
  • Primary & Excess Flood
    • Direct & Indirect Loss Coverages
    • Multi-location Scheduling
    • Replacement Cost Valuation Available
Habitational Buildings
  • Primary & Excess Flood
    • Apartments
    • Hotels/Motels
    • Direct & Indirect Loss Coverages
    • Multi-location Scheduling
    • Replacement Cost Valuation Available
Condo Units
  • Primary & Excess Flood
    • Units in the Name of Individual or LLC
Condo Associations
  • Primary & Excess Flood
    • Customizable attachments
    • Buildings in the name of a Condo Association
Other Detached Residential Structures
  • Primary & Excess Flood
    • Endorsement or Stand-alone options available
    • Detached, Enclosed Buildings such as gyms, studios, offices on a residential property
Parametric Flood
  • Commercial Exposure and Rental Properties
  • Non-traditional risk, such as Open Car Lots and Golf Courses
  • Pre-selected parametric sensor trigger depths and risk limits allow for no adjustment process
  • Claims payment direct to insured in less than a week
  • Payouts can be utilized for anything related to the risk location, including building, contents, and loss of income
  • Excess or Wrap-Around Coverage to fill coverage gaps and buy-down large deductibles

Available Products

  • Private Primary Flood (AM Best A+ Rated Paper)
  • Excess Flood (Lloyd’s and Domestic)
  • Parametric Flood Flood
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