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For those clients who own a business of any size, it is important to obtain the necessary coverage to protect against the wide variety of risks associated with commercial operations. From general to specialized coverage, Burns & Wilcox has unparalleled access to the broadest range of Commercial Insurance Coverage available. 



We offer unlimited access to the widest range of liability coverage for businesses, organizations and countless professions. Our quick-response team understands the specific issues your clients face and can provide timely access to intelligent solutions.

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Hurricane-Force Winds Flip 45 Semi-Trucks in 20 Minutes

Hurricane-Force Winds Flip 45 Semi-Trucks in 20 Minutes

In a span of just 20 minutes on September 8, wind gusts of nearly 100 miles per hour flipped 45 semi-trucks on some Northern Utah highways. Four drivers were hospitalized with injuries and one semi-truck driver suffered a fatal head injury when the wind blew open his cargo door during a delivery and knocked him to the ground. Authorities said

Management Liability Market Overview

Management Liability Market Overview

The Management Liability market continues to undergo significant transformations as products within the Directors and Officers Liability (D&O), Employment Practice Liabilities (EPL) and Fiduciary Liability (FL) areas are experiencing changes in coverage, limits and premiums that are impacting the broader market. The ongoing growth in settlements for many claims, particularly in such areas as harassment, discrimination, corporate mismanagement and regulatory