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For those clients who own a business of any size, it is important to obtain the necessary coverage to protect against the wide variety of risks associated with commercial operations. From general to specialized coverage, Burns & Wilcox has unparalleled access to the broadest range of Commercial Insurance Coverage available. 


We offer unlimited access to the widest range of liability coverage for businesses, organizations and countless professions. Our quick-response team understands the specific issues your clients face and can provide timely access to intelligent solutions.


From items as big as a home to as small as a pair of earrings, personal insurance makes sure that whatever your client invests in, it will always be protected.  We provide Comprehensive Personal Liability programs that protect High-Value Homeowners and Mid-Range Homeowners alike. Whether it is for auto, recreation, private collections, special events or property coverage, you’ll find a policy to cover any personal risk. 

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Michael Jordan’s Rookie Sneakers Estimated to Sell for $1 Million or More

Michael Jordan’s Rookie Sneakers Estimated to Sell for $1 Million or More

One of the first pairs of sneakers Michael Jordan wore as a professional basketball player could become the most valuable pair ever sold at auction, CNBC recently reported. The red-and-white Nike Air Ships, which Jordan wore in 1984 during his rookie season, are being offered by Sotheby’s and opened for advanced bidding on Oct. 8. The signed sneakers are estimated

Pedal Pubs Prompt Concerns After Falls and Injuries

Pedal Pubs Prompt Concerns After Falls and Injuries

A recent video that shows a man stumbling off a Tennessee pedal pub and falling into a moving car has added to growing concerns over the safety of open-air bike bars and other so-called “transportainment” vehicles where alcohol is served. In the video, a man is seen sitting in the backseat of a parked Nashville Pedal Tavern vehicle before falling