Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know who my producer is?

Contact your nearest Burns & Wilcox office. 

What if I cannot find a specific product?

Burns & Wilcox offers more than 300 insurance products. If you cannot find a product by typing the name in our website search, please locate your nearest Burns & Wilcox office.

How do I know which office to call for insurance coverage?

Visit our find an office page located here to find the Burns & Wilcox office closest to you. Burns & Wilcox offers true national coverage with over 60 offices worldwide. 

How do I get appointed?

Click here and follow our easy 4-step process.

How do I make a payment online?

Simply click here and follow the instructions.

How is Burns & Wilcox compensated?

Compensation Statement
Burns & Wilcox is a wholesale producer that works with your insurance agent/agency to find and procure insurance coverage. Burns & Wilcox is compensated in a variety of ways. Our principal compensation for the placement and service of your insurance policies is through commissions and fees paid by insurance companies and fees paid by clients. In addition, Burns & Wilcox may receive income from the following sources, where applicable and permitted by law:

  • Interest or Investment Income earned on insurance premiums;
  • Expense Allowances or Reimbursements from insurance companies and other vendors for:
    • (a) educational and professional development programs;
    • (b) managing and administering certain binding authorities and other similar facilities, including claims which may arise; and
    • (c) attendance at insurance company meetings and events, all of which we believe enable us to provide more efficient service and competitive terms to our clients.
  • Administrative and Service Fees which may be paid for limited services we provide to the insurance company as part of the placement process, generally across a book of business placed with a particular company, including premium billing, collection, remittance and credit control, policy document compilation, and record retention or for consulting and data analytic services.
  • Supplemental Commissions (sometimes referred to as “profit sharing,” “contingent commissions,” or “incentive commissions”) which can be based on profitability, premium volume and/or growth with a carrier. Even if a contingent commission agreement exists with a carrier, we recognize that our esponsibility is to promote the best interests of the
    policyholder in the selection of an insurance company.
  • Compensation for arranging, directing, or performing services in connection with a premium
    financing agreement.

Should any client have questions or desire additional information about remuneration and other income, please review your specific contract and / or policy or contact your Burns & Wilcox Broker or Underwriter who will put you in touch with the appropriate individuals for further assistance.

How do I submit a claim?

Email completed loss notices to [email protected]

Who do I contact for account questions, complaints, or information about events?

Contact your nearest Burns & Wilcox office