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State of the Flood Market

Thursday, May 2 at 1:30 pm ET

Join our expert panel for a look into the current state of the flood market along with strategies for success as brokers navigate the current environment.

Featured Experts:

  • Sylvia Ornelas, Associate Vice President, Director, Personal Insurance, Burns & Wilcox, Los Angeles, CA
  • Justin Pressly, Associate Managing Director, North Carolina, Underwriter, Personal Insurance, Burns & Wilcox, Morehead City, NC
  • Jacob Martin, Manager, Flood, Burns & Wilcox, Charlotte, NC

Hosted by Brad Turner, Vice President, National Product Manager, Flood, Burns & Wilcox, Morehead City, NC

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During this webinar, our experts gathered for a discussion on how telehealth has impacted healthcare over the last few years and how the medical professional liability market has changed to address it. Watch as they explore the current challenges and provide tips for brokers and agents on how to be successful in providing solutions for their clients.