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Kevin Heckman


Kevin Heckman

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

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Kevin Heckman is an Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the H.W. Kaufman Group network. He is responsible for the network’s global accounting and financial operations, including strategic planning and growth strategy for its 14 companies. 

Kevin also plays an integral role in the organization’s mergers and acquisitions activity and has been involved in operational leadership for its subsidiariesmost recently with premium financing company Stonemark. 

His career spans nearly 25 years with expertise in public accounting, investment banking, international mergers and acquisitions and insurance. Prior to joining Kaufman in 2013, he spent nearly 18 years in public accounting, investment banking and consulting, of which eight years were with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), in the assurance and transactions services groups. 

During his time with the company, Kevin completed the Kaufman Advanced Management Program (KAMP) and has continued to support by coaching fellow associates through their training. He also received the notable Kaufman Excellence in Leadership Award in 2018. 

Kevin is a Certified Public Accountant and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics with an emphasis in accounting from the University of Michigan.