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How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn for Your Business

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LinkedIn for insurance agents can provide powerful networking capabilities. But are you using it to its full potential as a marketing tool?

Think of LinkedIn as a business mixer where the crowd is broken up into different cliques: social circles that are opportunities to network and grow your business as a broker or agent. Here are ways LinkedIn can get you in with the right crowds by projecting the right appearance:

Save the Sales Pitch

When conversing on LinkedIn, loosen the collar on your tone and speech. Your conversations should be “business casual.” You never want to give the impression that you’re trying to sell something. Being too formal will do that. Remember, you need to talk with people, not at them.

Share the Wealth

When your company has news worth sharing, share it on LinkedIn. It could be a business milestone, a new hire/promotion or something involving community service. Nothing attracts other businesses like success. Plus it makes your company look like a place people would want to work for, boosting your attractiveness as a business partner. But remember, when writing these types of posts modesty is still the best policy.

Network the Easy Way

You’d be surprised by the degrees of separation you are from prospective new clients. LinkedIn pretty much gives you an “in” with potential new business by pointing out people who have a relationship with people you already know. You’ll find this information on the sidebar in a section called “People You May Know.” Don’t be shy. Use it to your advantage. You might want to ask your connection first about using his or her name as a means of introduction. In fact, he or she might provide you with some insider knowledge about the person “you may know.”

Get Involved with Groups

Using your profile, LinkedIn is able to suggest peer groups that could benefit you and your company. Just like “People You May Know,” you’ll find this information on the sidebar in a section titled “Groups You May Like.” Besides getting tips and information from fellow brokers and agents, you’ll also be introduced to groups that match your outside interests which could put you on common ground with prospective new clients. After all, people like doing business with others much like themselves.

Ask for Recommendations

One way to lessen the appearance of bragging is by having other people do the bragging for you. Ask your colleagues, past work associates and business partners to write a recommendation for you. Chances are they’ll be more than happy to do so because they’re nice people – and they might want a few kind words from you too. In fact, you might want to cast the first recommendation for someone else. This will only “encourage” the person to return the favor your way. People check out other people’s profiles all the time on LinkedIn. And seeing glowing recommendations about you will only help your cause.

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