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Sea of Opportunity: Recreational Marine

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When it comes to marine insurance coverage, don’t let the opportunity float away.

Many of your clients know the thrill and joy of being out in the open water, wind in their sails, cruising to the next adventure. In fact, there are nearly 12 million registered recreational boats in the US alone. Whether your clients own a small personal watercraft, or a yacht or charter boat, recreational marine vehicles present a unique set of risks and require highly specialized coverage. Standard Homeowners policies may exclude items and lead to considerable gaps, and not all boat policies provide equal coverage. Let your clients relax and feel confident throughout boating season by securing their assets.

Brokers and agents should partner with a specialty insurer that can navigate them through this sea of opportunity. A marine specialist with vast knowledge of maritime laws, warranties and liability exposures that spans all water-related businesses can guide brokers and agents to ask the right questions and provide proper coverage for their clients’ marine needs.

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