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Top 3: Cybersecurity Awareness Intel

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Below we highlight the top 3 trending Cybersecurity Awareness-related intel topics.

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Attesting to MFAs, Security Protocols a Key Part of Cyber Protection
The necessity for companies to have data security practices in place in order to secure cyber coverage is crucial to managing risk, our experts advise. As prerequisites like using MFA become more common for Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance policies, conflicts could continue to arise over potential misunderstandings or outright misrepresentations.

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Cyber & Privacy Insurance

Rate increases of up to 20% on average per quarter have been occurring in the Cyber industry since the second quarter of 2020. Pre-COVID, cyber represented an area of growth with significant coverage available for just about all clients. However, the proliferation in ransomware incidents in the last two years is significant.





3. Webinar

Cybersecurity Awareness

Watch as our own, Ryan Ascenzo, Senior Broker, Burns & Wilcox Brokerage, New York, New York, provides tips on how companies and individuals can stay Cyber secure. “It is really important now for any company seeking Cyber Insurance to show the commitment to invest time and money into your information security.”

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Top 3: Cybersecurity Awareness Intel


Cyber security threats are consistently ranked a top issue for organizations worldwide. While technological advancements bring about new innovations and

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