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  • We are built to compete with anyone.

    Our success story reflects a belief that no other organization can mirror our agility, speed and passion for results. We will strengthen our presence through the continued growth of a balanced portfolio of companies across a multitude of industries.

  • We invest in our people and their ongoing development.

    Our professionals share a passion for entrepreneurship, thriving in an environment that fosters innovative thinking and sparks new ideas. We are committed to continual learning and improvement, ensuring professional growth is aligned with career advancement.

  • We believe in partnership, integrity, and excellence.

    Our business fundamentally exists because of the relationships we enjoy with our clients and partners. They seek our global expertise; they rely on our unmatched vertical depth; and they trust our counsel.

  • We remain fiercely independent.

    Our family ownership and freedom from Wall Street has created a flexible organization that can quickly adapt to changing market conditions. We are purposeful in exploring opportunities to diversify our business and extend our global capabilities.

  • We give back to the communities in which we do business.

    Our organization was built on the foundation of protection and restoration. We recognize and embrace the responsibility in dedicating time and resources to those organizations that are important to our communities and professionals.

  • We believe in perpetuating the industry.

    Our professionals understand the role that our businesses play in driving the global economy. We are proud to serve as relevant and influential voices within industry associations and in promoting the dynamic and meaningful careers offered to our team.

  • We deliver the resources and technology to empower our teams.

    Our organization demands an advanced infrastructure to support the speed with which we conduct business around the world. We invest in the systems required to ensure our teams can provide unparalleled service to our clients and partners.

  • We are driven by potential.

    Our enduring success requires constant evolution. We see limitless possibilities for our business, fueled by our bold growth strategy that expands our worldwide footprint, deepens our expertise and delivers for our bottom line.

  • We are committed to the bottom line.

    Our organization is designed to be smart, efficient and resourceful. This focus secures our long-term financial freedom and ensures we will always have the means to make strategic investments in our people and companies.

  • We understand our power together.

    Our teams collaborate across company, department, office and geography to deliver solutions and capture incremental business. We learn from one another; we are accountable to each other; and collectively, we work together to elevate the entire organization.