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Cargo involving electronics had the highest theft value of $772,369 in losses

The commercial transportation or shipment of cargo can be a daunting task for operators. Regardless of the type of equipment or products you are moving, unforeseen perils can cause physical damage to the cargo. As a result, operators are exposed to a multitude of legal liabilities and can be left holding the bag for damages that occur while in transit.

Inland Marine Coverage provides protection from the financial losses associated with property being shipped.



When your products are being shipped from manufacturer to marketplace, it is important to ensure they are fully protected from departure to arrival. Cargo insurance provides financial assistance should cargo be damaged or lost when travelling by land, sea or air. It can also limit a commercial operation’s exposure to liability resulting from the shipment of products.

Equipment Schedules

Contractors, photographers and landscapers couldn’t do their job if they weren’t able to bring the tools of their trade with them. However, standard property insurance doesn’t cover equipment when it’s off site or in transit. Without the proper insurance in place, commercial operations can be exposed to costly repairs or replacement when their equipment is damaged or destroyed. Equipment Floaters coverage can help limit the impact to your clients’ bottom line when accidents happen.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to specialty insurance tailored to your clients’ commercial needs. Our experts can provide the appropriate policy that will cover equipment damaged from fire, flood, vandalism, lightening and many other risks.



Fine Arts

As a commercial operation that deals with artwork, protecting these important assets is vital. Whether shipping by land, sea or air, transporting fine art can be a stressful endeavor and it is important to ensure the right coverage is in place to protect art in transit from departure to arrival.
Fine Arts Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides protection to museums and collectors from the financial consequences from accidents during shipment of artwork. As a leader in providing access to excess and specialty insurance, the dedicated professionals at Burns & Wilcox can provide assurance that artwork remains financially protected when in transit.

Installation Floaters

Many contractors are unaware that standard property insurance policies don’t cover materials that are being installed. Contractors can be left holding the bag if damage occurs while in transit or during installation. Without the proper insurance in place, commercial operations can potentially diminish their profit margins or, worse, end up losing money on their jobs. Installation Floaters coverage can help limit the impact to your client’s bottom lines when accidents happen.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to specialty insurance tailored to your clients’ commercial needs. Our experts can provide the appropriate policy that will protect materials from the financial costs associated with many of the damages that contractors encounter in their daily work.


Jeweler’s Block

When in the business of distributing, selling or manufacturing high value goods such as precious metals or gems, a single loss or incident can have a devastating impact on business performance. Owners and manufactures can be rendered financially unstable if an individual item or collection becomes damaged or stolen. Obtaining the necessary insurance can provide remediation in case of burglary, robbery, shoplifting, grab and run, substitution and/or accidental damage.

Jeweler’s Block Coverage from Burns & Wilcox will provide access to coverage to protect your client’s entire inventory of gold, silver, diamond, and gemstone merchandise, as well as items that have been temporarily placed in their care. Jeweler’s Block Coverage is an all risk policy which provides tailored coverage for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, collectors and more.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Includes breakage coverage for fine arts
  • Limited or broad form coverage available for musical instruments
  • Bailee’s coverage available
  • Computer coverage available
  • Trip transit coverage available
  • Scheduled property

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Contents in storage
  • Fine arts
  • Jewelry and furs
  • Musical instruments
  • Cameras
  • Guns
  • Silverware
  • Golf carts and golf equipment
  • motorized maintenance vehicles
  • stamp collections and coin collections
  • Other collectibles and collections
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mobile Medical Equipment

Ask an Expert

Which type of clients should have an inland marine/cargo insurance policy? And, what does it cover?
Any motor carrier that transports freight from point A to point B should purchase an inland marine/cargo policy. It covers losses to cargo while in the care, custody and control of a carrier, subject to the limitations of the specific policy.
What are common challenges associated with inland marine/cargo insurance policies?
Transporting or shipping cargo can be a particularly daunting task. Many unforeseen perils place the goods being transported at high risk for loss. Recently, claims related to theft of target commodities and other fraud-related losses have been on the rise, which has generated significant loss ratio problems in the inland marine/cargo marketplace.
What information is most important for agents to gather when helping a client select an inland marine/cargo policy?
Retail brokers and agents should explain the importance of providing as much information as possible related to the commodities being transported and the security protocols in place to protect them. Any details the insured can provide about loss reduction behaviors should be communicated in order to help reduce rates. Additionally, not all inland marine/cargo policies are created equal; it’s important that agents are familiar with the variation in coverage parts and review this closely with their clients.


Logging equipment


Building material manufactured from recycled concrete




Engineering and mining


Fine arts dealer

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