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Oil and Gas

While there have been advancements in new energy sources, the world still relies heavily on oil and gas. With oil and gas supplying 65 percent of the energy for the country, it is critical that energy companies obtain the proper insurance coverage to protect against the risks associated with oil and gas exploration and the operation of heavy equipment. Oil and Gas Insurance can provide coverage for operators,service contractors, investors and more.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading provider in specialty insurance, can provide your clients with access to Oil and Gas Insurance. Providing smart solutions for all of your commercial clients, Burns & Wilcox has the breadth of experience your clients need to protect themselves in such an important industry.

Coverage Details and Features

  • General Liability/Pollution/Professional Liability limits up to $5 million
  • Excess limits up to $25 million (supported and unsupported)
  • Minimum premium as low as $750
  • Deductibles as low as $0
  • Enhancement forms available:
    • Contractors Pollution Liability
    • Site Environmental Liability
    • Products Pollution Liability
    • Operator Extra Expense
  • ISO and proprietary form capabilities
  • Included additional insureds, waiver of rights to recovery, and primary and noncontributory wording
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability
  • SIR/High deductible options
  • In house authority on certain products

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Landmen or Easement Contractors
  • Site Preparation Contractors
  • Equipment Rental, Delivery and Installation Contractors
  • Down Hole Contractors
  • Roustabouts and Other Unskilled Labor Contractors
  • Completion and Perforating Contractors (and Ancillary Service)
  • Machine & Refabrication Shops
  • Haulers (Equipment, Pipe, Water, Sand, Fracking Fluids)
  • Well Servicing Contractors
  • Lease Operators or Non-Operating Working Interest for Oil, Gas, SWD/Injection/Disposal Wells or Gathering Lines
  • Construction or Project Management Consultants
  • Completion or Drilling Consultants
  • Oilfield Consultants
  • Energy Safety Training or OSHA Training Consultants
  • Reservoir or Geophysical Consultants


Pipeline Construction. $20M/$20M Limits. GL/Excess/AL/WC


Well Driller (with claims). $20M/$20M Limits. GL/Excess,


Installation of Oil & Gas Equipment. $3M/$4M Limits. GL/Excess


Drilling Fluids Hauler, $5M/$5M Limits. CPL/TPL


Lease Site (Injection Well/Disposal Well). $6M/$6M Limits. GL/Site/Excess


Machine Shop, Pressure Control. $1M/$2M Limits. GL


For-hire Trucker (Production Water). $6M/$6M Limits. GL/Excess


Non-destructive Testing for Pipelines. $6M/$6M Limits. GL/CPL/PL/Excess


Production/Completion. $1M/$2M Limits. GL


Midstream Project Management. $6M/$7M Limits. GL/PL/Excess

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