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Wind/Excess Wind

Tropical storm activity in recent years has exceeded forecasters’ predictions, with the North Atlantic hurricane season consisting of 16 tropical storms on average, eight of which became hurricanes, with winds of 74 mph or higher. The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season saw more than double the amount of hurricanes compared to what was predicted.

Coastal residential properties are most susceptible to damage from storms. With $5.8 trillion worth of coastal homes at risk, proper coverage is vital, especially with meteorologists predicting continued above-average tropical storm activity in the near future.

Admitted packages with wind as well as standalone Wind Coverage can help protect your clients’ homes in the event of a hurricane or other wind loss.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Coastal dwellings $500,000
  • Non-coastal dwellings $300,000
  • Condos $20,000
  • Tenant-occupied homes $20,000

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