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Senior Living Facilities

The rapid growth of the number of seniors has brought about an equally rapid increase in the number of senior living facilities. Seniors expect more choices from their living facilities in terms of the types of residences available, level of care, services offered and access to up-to-date accommodations. These advances and additional services bring increased and new risks for senior living facilities.

Senior Living Facilities Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides access to coverage tailored to the long-term care industry including physical and sexual abuse liabilities, employment liability, and even property and auto insurance.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Abuse and molestation up to policy limits
  • Defense costs can be either inside or in addition to the limits
  • Employee benefits liability coverage
  • Hired and non-owned auto coverage
  • Legal media coverage
  • Medical Director coverage for administrative duties
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Physicians-primary coverage for all employed MDs and psychologists available
  • Cyber & privacy liability
  • Punitive damages coverage where insurable by law
  • Stop-Gap liability for monopolistic states
  • Trigger-incident sensitive coverage with discovery clause

Target Classes

  • Adult Group Homes
  • Aging Seniors
  • Developmentally Disabled People
  • Mentally Challenged People
  • Affordable Housing
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Ambulatory
  • Non-Ambulatory
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Halfway Homes
  • Hospice
  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Personal Care Homes
  • Shelters
  • Battered Victims
  • Women & Children
  • Homeless
  • Skilled Nursing Homes
  • Transitional Housing with or without Detox
  • Youth Group Home
  • Mentally or Physically Impaired Youth
  • Orphaned
  • Abused or Troubled Youth

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