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While the situations are rare, terrorist attacks can be completely random and result in catastrophic costs. The threats of terrorism can affect everyone involved within an organization including the employees and shareholders.

Terrorism Coverage through Burns & Wilcox protects against the risks that can result in disruptions to business stability. Burns & Wilcox can support a wide range of clients from major industrial and commercial enterprises to hotels and hospitality risks.

Coverage Details and Features

Benefits of Stand-Alone Terrorism Coverage

  • Coverage for terrorist acts not certified by US Government
  • Coverage outside of ASA
  • Flexible deductible
  • Minimum deductible as low as $0
  • No delay in payments

Additional Coverages Available

  • Increased Cost of Working
  • Denial of Access
  • Utilities (gas, water, electricity)
  • Customers & suppliers named and un-named
  • Loss control/loss prevention
  • Seepage and pollution
  • Rebranding/rehabilitation costs

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