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Media Liability

Traditional policies can fail to address the new threats that media companies are facing today. The media industry is exposed to a range of risks, such as defamation, invasion of privacy and intellectual property rights infringements, to name a few.

Media Liability Coverage through Burns & Wilcox is tailored errors and omissions (E&O) liability insurance designed for publishers, broadcasters, and other media-related firms.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading insurance wholesaler, can help brokers and agents identify and limit the risks that clients are exposed to and develop a customized product that provides coverage that allows them to operate without worry.

Coverage Details and Features


  • Comprehensive media library, including coverage for user-generated content
  • Advertising and personal injury
  • Defamation, including libel and slander
  • Intellectual property rights infringement
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Blanket professional liability
  • Breach of contract
  • Cyber liability, privacy liability, and privacy breach notification costs
  • Commercial general liability
  • Blanket professional liability
  • Property and business interruption including cyber perils


  • A range of deductibles available, including zero deductibles for the smallest firms
  • Minimum premiums start under $500 with limits up to $10 million available

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Authors
  • Broadcasters
  • Publishers
  • Media professional services

Ask an Expert

What types of clients typically seek out media liability insurance?
Media liability is an important coverage for any company or individual that creates content consumed by public audiences. While clients can range from radio and TV personalities to authors, journalists and bloggers, we see advertising firms taking the most advantage of this coverage because they are particularly susceptible to the claims made on content they create.
What does a media liability policy cover?
Though general liability policies include personal and advertising injury protection, carriers often choose to exclude this section in the case of heavy media exposure. Media liability insurance serves as an important supplemental policy that offers comprehensive coverage if a company comes under fire for third party issues including defamation of character, invasion of privacy, unfair competition and breach of confidentiality. For example, advertising firms are often the subject of claims against copyright or trademark infringement.
Why should my client be interested in media liability insurance?
Media liability policies include social media protections, which is highly important as social media has revolutionized the way businesses and media reach their audiences. Many businesses — from fledgling start-ups with limited funding to multinational conglomerates looking to expand global reach — have turned to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to advertise products and services. Content posted on these sites is particularly vulnerable to infringement or slander claims. Additionally, nearly every company has a public website, placing it at risk for media liability claims. An organization may receive a claim based on its website for a number of reasons — using photographs of individuals who have not granted permissions, slander of a competitor or using materials subject to copyright. Media liability insurance protects against all those cases.

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