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Difference in Conditions (DIC)

Sometimes an all-risk policy can exclude certain perils that your client may need covered. For example, floods are typically not listed exposures in a homeowner policy. However, if your client lives in a flood zone, their assets encounter different conditions and require supplemental coverage. Having the right coverage complement your clients existing policy can help limit the financial strains related to these conditions.

Burns & Wilcox offers Difference in Conditions (DIC) Coverage as an extension to an all-risk policy which adds perils that are typically excluded. As each DIC policy is unique, it is important that you work with professionals who understand how to obtain policies that properly supplement your clients’ existing coverage. We can arrange for the customized insurance policies for each of your clients’ unique needs. Coupled with our extremely fast submission response time and low minimum premiums, Burns & Wilcox is one of the leading providers for excess and specialty insurance.

Coverage Details and Features

  • The nature of DIC coverage is to supplement a restricted property insurance form; to cover any gaps your client may have including but not limited to flood, earthquake and landslide coverage
  • Available on both a primary and excess basis
  • Can include your insured’s real property, personal property and improvements as well as time element exposures
  • Limits may be purchased for less than the total exposed values; often the amount that the insured believes to be the Probable Maximum Loss due to the covered causes(s)

Target Classes

(including but not limited to)

  • Habitational
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Mall/Shopping Centers

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