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Vacant Dwelling

Vacant Dwelling

53% of vacant dwelling fires spread to the entire property

Approximately 23,800 vacant residential property fires are reported to fire departments each year, resulting in $785 million in property losses. Wooded areas bring fire hazards and unmonitored vacant homes face increased risks for greater losses. In fact, 53 percent of vacant dwelling fires spread to the entire property.

Other geographic locations introduce different exposures as colder climates give rise to water damage claims due to frozen pipes bursting, while coastal homes have heightened risk of wind damage.

Vacant Dwelling Coverage can be customized to limit your clients’ property exposures stemming from their vacant houses, apartments and condos.

Coverage Details and Features

  • Property and General Liability Coverage available
  • Industry accepted ISO dwelling fire, liability, and commercial forms available
  • 3, 6, 9, and 12 month policies available
  • Rehab and renovation projects eligible

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Vacant Dwelling, DP3 Coverage A, Big Bear Lake, CA

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