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One of the most common risks faced by all organizations is financial loss caused by legal liability for injuries to persons or damage to the property of others. Having the right insurance policy in place can help an organization manage this risk. Often equated to liability insurance and one of the most important classes of coverage an organization can have, Casualty Insurance is liability coverage of an individual or organization for negligent acts or omissions.

Casualty Insurance represents the broad category of coverages available against loss of property, damage or other liabilities not directly concerned with life insurance, health insurance or property insurance.

Burns & Wilcox provides brokers and agents with access to causality specialists who can identify and assess the legal liability risks to your client’s business, home or car. As a leading provider of wholesale specialty insurance, Burns & Wilcox offers innovative casualty solutions for complex and hard-to-place risks.

Construction Wrap-Ups

Major construction projects bring together many different organizations to work to a common purpose—owners, contractors, sub-contractors, architects and engineers all pull together to take a project from concept to reality. While each organization will have its own insurance coverage, the overlapping policies can create confusion and potentially leave gaps in coverage.  Instead of trying to sort through multiple policies, many projects simply purchase Construction Wrap-Up insurance, which provides Comprehensive General Liability coverage which will protect the entire team for the duration of the project.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to specialty insurance tailored to your clients’ commercial needs. Our experts can provide the appropriate policy that will cover everyone involved in the development of a project from beginning to end.


At Burns & Wilcox, we understand how important it is to your clients to protect the assets they have worked so hard to build. Primary insurance is often adequate but can be eroded or completely exhausted with a single catastrophic loss. Excess/Umbrella Coverage is designed to ensure that your clients have an additional layer of protection so a single disastrous loss does not end their business.

Whether for a construction site, manufacturer or special one-time event, Burns & Wilcox can provide access to additional limits with excess liability and umbrella coverage for more than 600 business classes.

General Liability

People have become increasingly aware of a business’ responsibility to its employees, customers, and the general public. Businesses are liable for a multitude of claims related to bodily injury and property damage resulting from their business operations, products, and/or premises. When accidents happen, companies can be held accountable for staggering amounts of money to compensate the claim. Obtaining Comprehensive General Liability Coverage is an important first step in ensuring that your client is protected.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading provider in wholesale insurance, can arrange for Comprehensive General Liability Coverage for your clients. This insurance will provide financial coverage for liability exposures of a business unless specifically excluded within the policy. Coupled with our extremely fast submission response time and low minimum premiums, Burns & Wilcox is one of the leading providers for excess and surplus insurance.


Liquor Liability

When operating an establishment that serves alcohol to patrons, the business owner is liable not only for their own actions, but for the actions of those they serve. When someone who has been served alcohol becomes injured or damages property, almost all states allow claims to be made against the establishment that served the alcohol. It is important that your clients are financially protected in cases where patrons are accidentally over-served or an underage individual is served.

Burns & Wilcox offers access to Liquor Liability Insurance that is designed for responsible vendors with a formal third-party server awareness training program.


Owners & Contractors Protective (OCP)

Some projects require that specialized or independent contractors be brought in to get the job done. As a result project owners can be held liable for the specialty contractor’s acts or omissions on the project. Owners and Contractors Protective Coverage provides liability coverage for an insured who is sued because of negligent acts or omissions of an independent contractor or subcontractor, resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party.

Owners and Contractors Protective Coverage (OCP) through Burns & Wilcox is available for new projects ground-up projects, renovations and build-out projects and also covers owners and contractors from liability. Our experts can provide the appropriate policy that will cover contractors involved in the development of a project from beginning to end.


Premises Liability

For businesses, having a customer slip and fall can turn from an embarrassing mistake into a costly lawsuit in no time. Commercial operations with physical locations must ensure that their sites are safe for customers. However, no matter how much time or money is invested in prevention, accidents still happen and companies can be held accountable for staggering amounts of money to compensate the claim. Obtaining Premises Liability Coverage is an important first step in ensuring that the risk to the organization is limited.

Burns & Wilcox, a leading provider in wholesale insurance, can arrange for Premises Liability Coverage for your clients. Coupled with our extremely fast submission response time and low minimum premiums, Burns & Wilcox is one of the leading providers for wholesale insurance.



Primary and Excess Auto

A company may face financial liability in the event their company vehicle inflicts serious injury or property damage to others. If your client uses any type of vehicle, or operates a fleet of vehicles for professional purposes, Primary and Excess Auto Coverage can help protect your client’s business from the costs associated with lawsuits or repairs. It is important for your clients to understand and evaluate their current auto insurance policies and consider Excess Auto Coverage to ensure proper coverage.

Excess Auto Liability Coverage through Burns & Wilcox builds on basic auto policies by providing additional limits for bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) liability. As a leading supplier of excess and surplus insurance, Burns & Wilcox can connect you to coverage that can supplement your clients’ existing auto policies to limit their exposure to the costs of extensive auto repairs.


Product Recall

No matter how much money companies invest in research and development, operational oversight and product testing, mistakes can happen and unsafe products can be released to the public. Businesses often have to issue costly product recalls to ensure public safety and brand preservation. Obtaining Product Recall Coverage is an important first step in ensuring that the expenses associated with a product recall don’t end up destroying them causing critical harm to the business.

Burns & Wilcox can provide access to specialty insurance tailored to your clients’ commercial needs. Our experts can provide a policy that will make it easier for your client to do the right thing when product recall is required.



Products Liability

When your client manufactures, sells or designs products they are responsible for ensuring the product is safe to use. If the product malfunctions or has design flaw that results in bodily injury or property damage, the company can be held liable. Be sure your client has the proper coverage in place so they do not become strained by the hefty cost of litigation when accidents occur.

Products Liability Coverage accessible through Burns & Wilcox can be packaged to meet the needs of manufacturers, importers, designers, repackagers, sellers or distributors of a wide range of products. As a leading provider of specialty insurance, we have the ability to meet non-standard risks head-on and offer innovative terms to solve the policyholder’s insurance needs.


Coverage Details and Features

  • Comprehensive general liability coverage
  • General liability coverage
  • Product liability coverage
  • Owners and contractors protective coverage
  • Umbrella/Excess coverage
  • Railroad protective coverage

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